About Meethaq

Meethaq Employment Agency was founded in 2013 and is part of Al Ghandi Group. The Agency has been built on the foremost principle of trust, to bring a unique proposition that ensures a seamless link between our business partners and their employees.

Whether you’re looking to hire a temporary assistant or wish to outsource your entire Customer Service operation, we know how imperative it is that every employee is motivated and engaged, just as a member of your own team would be.

Meethaq achieves this by helping you to recruit the best employees. We work with you to ensure that they are fully trained and have a complete understanding of your organisation’s values and culture.

Our objective is to ensure that temporary workers are integrated as closely as possible into our clients’ operations, so as to maximise engagement, without creating the possibility of co-employment.

Our team of Human Resources professionals are also passionate about meeting the day-to-day requirements of our employees. By providing them with high levels of support, we ensure that they remain entirely focused and dedicated to serving your business needs.

Meethaq works continuously with its business partners to maintain these high levels of engagement and employee enthusiasm. This has uniquely enabled us to create an environment of trust, longevity, security and career development that, in turn, has resulted in consistently low rates of absenteeism and attrition.

The UAE labour market presents a number of challenges and the regulations can be bewildering. Through our local knowledge and market expertise, we can help you overcome these challenges by presenting clear and transparent solutions.

As Meethaq Employment Agency is licensed under both the UAE Federal Ministry of Labour and the Department of Economic Development, and is also approved by a number of the major Free Zones, our employees can be based virtually anywhere in the UAE. Moreover, Meethaq is authorized to provide Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Fields services.

The working world has become increasingly demanding, unpredictable and complex. Organisations must accelerate innovation and increase productivity to stay ahead. Your success is not driven by technology, infrastructure and capital. Your success is driven by the imagination and determination of people.

Whichever economic zone you operate in, you can be sure that our support team will work with you to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met and that the outsourced solution we develop for you is fully compliant.